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LIÇÕES DE DANÇA - 1, 2 E 3 (Lessons of Dance 1, 2 and 3)

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Lessons of Dance 1

During a certain time, the Dance Course of UniverCidade had the concern to focus on its particulars so that it could construct some basis that made it different as philosophy of dance and teaching in Rio de Janeiro. To do that, we, coordinators and teachers, have carefully observed the conditions of our work, always having as a goal the disposal to change, so that dance teaching and the thought that guides it could be in frequent movement, which is the main feature of the dance itself. We believe that, looking for the difference within our teaching staff, we will reach a totality, always based on trust for one another in a discussion between differences and unities. So that the thoughts are not drained, so that the artistic development is not under risk of getting weak, we have constructed this space where technique and aesthetic are interfaces of the same game.

Where every teacher can see himself/herself on his/her work, in a change of identities between his/her signature, his/her method, and the body of the student that learns and performs. Thus today this maturity moment of 'focusing on you' impels our understanding of teaching and dance to the environment we live. It is time to encourage exchanges of information with all who work with dance and share those principles, in this town, in this country.

We believe that, through the elaboration of this Lessons of Dance, we can, finally share this movement of valuing the difference as one of the elements of a group unity concerned with the formation of new dance professionals.

Daniella Visco