yoga master and movement director


Daniella Visco conducted workshops throughout Brazil with the purpose of divulging her thought, her seriousness of purpose and respect regarding being on stage and the scenic creation need for actors and ballet-dancers' warm-up and movement work oriented towards cinema; performance, shows or theatre or dance performances. The workshops on the "Precisão Corporal"  (Corporal Precision) technique carried out at theatre company of the renewed director Tiche Vianna (1996) and the subject "Pratica de Montagem" (Stage setting practice) held at Drama Arts Course at UniverCidade (2007), must be emphasised.

Among her students, there are nationally well-known ballet-dancers and actors: André Valle; Angelo Antonio; Beth Goulart; Claudia Missura; Cristina Kalache; Cristina pereira; Dan Stulbach; Enrique Diaz; Flavio Bauraqui; Georgette Fadel; Helena Ranaldi; Ingrid Guimarães; Juliana Paes; Lázaro Ramos; Leon Goes; Letícia Spiller; Letícia Sabatella; Luana Piovani; Luiz Henrique Nogueira; Marcela Cartaxo; Marcos Palmeira; Natalia Lage; Otavio Muller; paula Aguas; Rosana Garcia; Renata Sorrah; Ricardo Blat; Silvia Buarque; Tereza Seiblitz e Vanessa da Mata.

Participation in the most relevant events held in cultural centres and universities in Brazil, particularly the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasília and São Paulo, besides Fortaleza, in the theatre and dance festivals, where Daniella conducted workshops on "O Corpo Cênico" (The Scenic Body) and directed training processes for new actors and ballet-dancers.

Performance coordinator, in partnership with Cia. de Atores, in the event "Da Arte Contra a Miséria e a Fome e Pela Vida" (Art Against Poverty and Hunger and in Favour of Life), campaign created by the sociologist Betinho. The historical performance, organised by Domingos de Oliveira and Aderbal Freire-Filho, had a performance exclusively conceived for the presentations at Parque Lage - Ipanema beach area - and at Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre.

Participation in the Dance National Forum, at Unicamp/SP, as a director of the "Full Teaching License Dance Course" of UniverCidade - Rio de Janeiro, invited by Helena Katz, to discuss ballet-dancing specialisation in universities. Some of the most important dance teachers, theorists, researchers and choreographers in Brazil were present, such as Angela Ferreira; Bergson Luis; Dulce Aquino; Juçara Pinheiro e Marcia Strazzacappa.

Participation in Workshop of Performance Creation conducted by the Calouste Gulbekian Arts Centre and directed by the actor Rogerio Blat and by director Ernesto Piccolo, focusing the body awareness as well as the creation of choreographies of several performances of the project.

Participation in the project of the non-governmental-organization "Passageiros do Futuro" (Passengers of the Future), with weekly classes, for a whole year, teaching more than 50 poor teenagers of Vila Kennedy. This is one of the poorest and most violent communities of Rio de Janeiro and participants had never visited a theatre before.

Other workshops conducted

"O Corpo Cenico" (September 2000) - "Moving Awareness - II Encontro do Corpo na Dança, no Teatro e na Leitura Corporal" (II Body in Dancing Movement in the Theatre and in the Corporal Reading). Organised by Angel Vianna School, Nucleo de Terapia Corporal, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

"Body Awareness" (July 2004) - Organised by Sesc Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

"Body Awareness Workshop" (November 2004) - Organised by Contramão Produções, Salvador/BA.

"Theatre No Workshop" (November 2005) - Organised by Sesc Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

"Rhythm Workshop" (April 2006) - "4 Movements Rio - Brasília". Organised by Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

"O Corpo Cênico" (April 2008) - Organised by Centro Cultural Suassuna, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

"Workshop with Enrique Diaz" (2008) - Organised by Cia. dos Atores, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.