yoga master and movement director



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"Daniella is blessed with the necessary unrest that allows art to happen. She is a passionate researcher of the scenic language, an innovative creator and a unique artist."

Leticia Monte - Director - Comunicação Orgânica


"A Yoga teacher and performer, Daniella has contributed to the development of hundreds of ballet dancers and actors through workshops, classes and readings, reinventing theories and techniques for the body and movement present in the modern scene.

Her contribution, however, goes beyond the building of a new curriculum and attracting a new faculty for our School of Dance, as she is an artist with rare sensibility and a creator that takes chances and risks.

I have no doubt she is an authentic expert of the performing contemporary arts."

Paulo Cesar Martinez Y Alonso - President - Centro Universitário da Cidade - Univercidade


"Daniella is one of the most important names related to these activities in Brazil. Her work has always progressed in depth, both technically and in what scenic language concerned, through an uninterrupted search for new languages, composing an extremely useful experience network for artist and directors. Daniella is a reliable, faithful and dedicated person."

Mauro Mendonça Filho is part of the group with the most important DIRECTORS OF SEVERAL SOAP OPERAS AND SERIES. He received the Gold Medal on New York Festivals/1996, with “Vidigal - Memórias de Um Sargento de Milícias”, a special series of Manoel Antonio de Almeida.

In the theater, he directed several plays, among them « Renato Russo » which was awarded with SHELL AWARD OF BEST DIRECTOR IN RIO DE JANEIRO/2006, A Megera Domada (The Taming of the Shrew), from William Shakespeare, translated by Millôr Fernandes, and « Deus » (God),from Woody Allen.


"Daniella Visco is complete as a choreographer. Her Knowledge covers all levels of body movement level, from the most complex dance to the simplest movement of a man walking. As to the movies, the importance of this knowledge goes beyond movement, completing the dramaturgy of scenes."

Carolina Jabor  - Film Director